What's your favorite type of shot?

The light is perfect and experience tells me the shot of the day is about to happen. I’m ready for it and then I hit the shutter: It’s a shot that tells the story of the day in one image. It captures the uniqueness of the wedding’s location, the beauty of the people and the joy that they are feeling.

How would you describe your style?

My style is a harmony of art and documentary photography. I love classic portraiture but often use modern techniques to make that timeless image new and different. I have spent so much time documenting cultures through photography, it is second nature for me to produce images that tell a story.

How long have you been doing photography?

11 years

How did you start?

When I worked as a photojournalist in China in the 90’s, I would travel the country every opportunity I had. I had an old Canon and shot a lot of slide film. I was so excited after I developed the film that I knew I had found my calling. After I returned to the USA, I focused my art major on photography and I finished my degree. After years of shooting portraits in a studio environment, I shot my first wedding for a friend. It turned out that wedding photography was the perfect fusion of my skills as a photographer. My experience with travel and portrait photography combined with my training as an artist made me well-suited for the job.

Why do you like shooting weddings?

First of all let me just say my wedding was a blast. We’ve always wanted to have another one because it was so much fun. You can’t beat the atmosphere of a good wedding. The whole day is filled with friends, family, love and excitement. What an amazing place to work!

With so much portrait experience behind me, I really enjoy the close relationship I experience with a couple on their wedding day. I always look forward to spending a few moments with just them making the perfect portrait that captures a more intimate view of their wedding day.

Weddings allow the artist in me to be creative. I know my clients trust my vision, so I look forward to creating images that they have not seen before and did not know they were going to get but are so happy they did.

I love travel photography and have always felt weddings were very similar photographically. You have to transport yourself into this unique environment filled with people who are doing something special. We don’t get married every day; therefore every wedding is a cultural landmark in each person’s life. Documenting this story through a day filled with different locations and different light is what I love to do.

Any tips for brides having a destination wedding?

After you have done your research in selecting a place, do not forget why you chose it. It is easy to get caught up in the detail that goes into planning this special day, but just remember the destination was chosen to create a certain ambience for the guests, but more importantly for yourself. So when they day arrives, greet the day with a deep breath and be grateful you are at one of the most memorable places in your lives, surrounded with the people who mean the most. How often does that come around?

"Nat’s pictures were amazing, every picture I saw was better than the last. It was like opening a present with every shot. I had every shot I asked for, but his creativity produced most of my favorites!"
-Heather and Steve

"I just wanted to tell you that we received the wedding pictures and we couldn't be more happy with them. You surpassed our expectations and really did an exceptional job capturing the true moments of the day. It's amazing how looking at some of those candid shots really takes you back to the day. Our parents are also thrilled with how they turned out, so thank you again for everything."

"We are VERY pleased with our photos! Our expectations were very high, and you delivered stunning photos that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. Your ability to artistically compose images that capture the emotion and story of the event is unparalleled."
-Tom & Kristin

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Your artistic eye caught so many precious moments that I couldn't help but to shed some happy tears as we watched our DVD. The hours I spent looking on-line to find the perfect photographer was well worth the effort. I couldn't be happier with the effort you put into making these photos amazing. The added book you gave us is so special, and unexpected."
-Natasha and Jordan

"Nat is a wonderful photographer! He was really in tune with what we wanted and was also able to suggest ideas that we may not have thought of. He takes his job seriously and was also able to have fun and be playful on our joyous day! He made us feel comfortable and he was willing to be spontaneous and go with the flow of our day. The finishing touches were very creative and captured our day as the perfect fairy tale wedding!"

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Nathaniel Davauer Photography is a premiere wedding photographer in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin Wedding Photographers community on BigDaySmallWorld.com.

Nathaniel Davauer, raised on a dairy farm, earned his art degree in Photography at nearby University of Wisconsin - Madison. Just before the millennium's end, he took his camera to Asia where he honed his skills as a photojournalist working for the Beijing Scene. He has since photographed nomads in Tibet, fishermen in Siberia and Native Americans in North Dakota. He also spent time working in the studio creating several images that have earned national awards. Here he enjoys the opportunity to work closely with his subjects, controlling all elements of the portrait.

Nathaniel began to shoot weddings because he realized the combination of his fine art background, photojournalist training and portrait work made him perfectly suited for the diverse nature of weddings. He shoots the wedding as a photojournalist would but his artistic eye gives his work that extra edge. Couples say his interpersonal skills from the studio make them very comfortable in the one-on-one portrait environment.

Nathaniel's favorite client compliments are regarding his attitude and sense of humor. His small-town upbringing makes him a genuine caring person that is fun to be around. Nathaniel feels privileged to make a living through his passion and truly enjoys covering a wedding day in an atmosphere of love and happines.

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